This superior spirit is specifically made for those who enjoy Quality over Quantity.
51FIFTY prides itself in using the finest ingredients in all that we do. Our limited-batch vodka is made from a rare and special Sweet Potato called Stokes Purple. Exclusively grown by A.V. Thomas Produce in the heart of Central California, the Stokes Purple is unique to the Central San Joaquin Valley. With our distinctive method of extended cooking and fermenting, along with a three-time distillation and a twice carbon-filtered process, the outcome is a superior product. 51FIFTY Ultra-Premium Vodka will leave you with an appreciation that you have experienced a spirit made of the highest quality.


Since the beginning, 51FIFTY has always believed in giving back. Because of this strong belief in helping people in need, the 51FIFTY brand has decided to create this Premium Vodka and donate the entire inventory to the Carlos Vieira Foundation. This is why you will not find our Vodka on store shelves, but you will find it exclusively at all Carlos Vieira Foundation events sponsored by 51FIFTY.

We believe that everyone, in some way, has the ability to help people and to make a positive difference in this world. This is just another way that 51FIFTY gives back, which we have done since day one.

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