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51FIFTY is a lifestyle brand that embodies everything it means to grab onto your dreams, work hard and make them happen. It's the commitment to the road you are on and the excitement for what’s to come. That's LIVING THE MADNESS, 51FIFTY style.

The creation of 51FIFTY began with just one decision to make a better choice in life by the owner and founder, Carlos Vieira. You can read about the history and birth of 51FIFTY in his inspiring memoir, Knockin' Doorz Down. To help others navigate through their journey of life, the podcast Knockin' Doorz Down was then created. The podcast highlights stories of people from all walks of life overcoming adversities and how they continue to knock doors down to live their best life. Both the book and podcast are available at KDD Media Company

51FIFTY knows success and dreams are built and accomplished with the help of others. That’s why, 51FIFTY had made it their mission to give back through the Carlos Vieira Foundation. The primary focus is assisting families living with autism to have the access, resources and tools needed to live a healthy and full life. 51FIFTY is a proud supporter of the Carlos Vieira Foundation!

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It’s not just about what we do, it's who we are. It's staying humble and giving back however we can. That's why 51FIFTY gives back to hundreds of kids through multiple programs each year. After school boxing programs, the Race for Autism, and mental health awareness with Race To End The Stigma are just a few of the efforts 51FIFTY is involved with through the Carlos Vieira Foundation.

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The "Race for Autism" is an autism awareness campaign. Since the beginning, a percentage of every can of 51FIFTY Energy Drink sold has gone towards the Carlos Vieira Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping families living with autism.

51FIFTY also sponsors multiple fundraisers throughout the year put on by the Carlos Vieira Foundation. The monies collected benefit families through their Direct Help Grant Program. To learn more about the "Race for Autism" or the Carlos Vieira Foundation, visit carlosvieirafoundation.org.


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