2019 Supercross

2019 Supercross - Rocky Mountain / KTM

Meet The Riders

Blake Baggett - Supercross

Blake Baggett

After an extremely successful amateur racing career, Blake Baggett made the jump into the pro ranks in 2010 and has been one of the most sought-after riders on the track, finishing the season in the overall top 5 numerous times in both Monster Energy Supercross (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015) and Lucas Oil Pro Motocross (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015). His crowning achievement is the 2012 250MX championship. He was also part of the Motocross of Nations team with Ryan Villopoto and Ryan Dungey in 2011, the last time that Team USA won the MXoN.

Known to his fans as “El Chupacabra” because of his speed and his ability to catch his opponent at the later stages of the race, Blake is always a threat when it comes to wins and being in championship contention.

Follow Blake Baggett at www.blakebaggett.com

Mechanic: Nathan Alexander
Class: 450SX/450MX

Key Achievements:
2018: 5 Podium FInishes
2018: 4th O/A in Supercross Championship
2017: 1st Overall Win 450MX
2011: MXoN Winning Team
2012: 2nd in MX2 at the MXoN
2003-2009: Four amateur championships

2018 Outdoor MX Results:
Hangtown MX: 5th O/A (7-4)
Glen Helen MX: 7th O/A (5-9)
Thunder Valley MX: 3rd O/A (3-3)
High Point MX: 7th O/A (5-7)
Muddy Creek MX: 5th O/A (4-5)
Southwick MX: 4th O/A (4-4)
RedBud MX: 4th O/A (5-5)
Spring Creek MX: 4th O/A (3-4)
Washougal MX: 5th O/A (6-5)
Unadilla MX: 5th O/A (5-6)
Budds Creek MX: 4th O/A (5-2)
Ironman MX: 10th O/A (16-5)
2018 Outdoor Championship Standings: 5th O/A

AMA SX/MX Stats (through 2018):
Wins: 20
Podiums: 59
Top 5s: 92
Starts: 132
Championships: 1 
Overall Top 5s: 10

2018 Supercross Results:
Anaheim 1 SX: 12th
Houston SX: 7th
Anaheim 2 SX: 7th
Glendale SX: 9th
Oakland SX: 3rd
San Diego SX: 3rd
Arlington SX: 3rd
Tampa SX: 9th
Atlanta SX: 7th
Daytona SX: 9th
St. Louis SX: 6th
Indianapolis SX: 10th
Seattle SX: 8th
Minneapolis SX: 8th
Foxborough SX : 4th
Salt Lake City SX: 3rd
Las Vegas SX: 3rd
Supercross Championship Standings: 4th O/A

Blake Baggett - Supercross

Justin Bogle

Justin Bogle joins the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC – KTM – WPS team for the 2019 season, gaining the fill-in Supercross ride for the injured Benny Bloss. Justin is an accomplished rider, turning pro in 2011 and in a few short years winning the 2014 250SX East Championship.

As he transitioned to the premier 450 class, Justin has seen success collecting his first 450 victory during the 2017 Budds Creek National.

Outside of racing, Justin is also a very talented musician, with songs at the top of the iTunes chart. Look for Justin at the front of the field in Supercross this season.

Mechanic: Derek Rankin

Hometown: Cushing, Oklahoma
Current Residence: Corona, California
Birthdate: March 23, 1993
Team: Factory Autotrader.com/JGRMX Suzuki
Manufacturer: Suzuki
Team Manager: Jeremy Albrecht
Mechanic: Ben Schiermeyer
Turned Pro: 2009

1 career Monster Energy Supercross top five (450SX Class)
6 career Monster Energy Supercross top 10s (450SX Class)
2014 250SX Eastern Regional Champion
3 career 250SX Class wins

Blake Baggett - Supercross

Benny Bloss

Known as one of the top prospects to come out of the amateurs in the last few years. In his time on the bike, Benny has earned the 2015 AMA Horizon Award, the 2016 Pro Motocross Rookie of the Year Award and a handful of competitive finishes that have been nothing short of impressive and exciting.

Benny has worked with a few teams in the past by filling in for riders, moving up in class and producing solid results that speak to his potential. In the 2016 season, he filled in for an injured Millsaps and Short for the last three rounds of supercross, where he worked his way into the main event for the last two rounds. Afterwards, he went on to take 9th place at the Monster Energy Cup, coming in ahead of some seasoned riders. That hard work and performance have turned into a full-time ride for 2017 with the team.

Mechanic: Derek Rankin

AMA SX/MX Stats (through 2018):
Top 5s: 3
Top 10s: 10
Overall Top 10s: 6

2018 SX Race Results:
Anaheim 1 SX: –
Houston SX: –
Anaheim 2 SX: –
Glendale SX: 20th
Oakland SX: 20th
San Diego SX: 12th
Arlington SX: 14th
Tampa SX:
Atlanta SX: 11th
Daytona SX: 11th
St. Louis SX: 11th
Indianapolis SX: 8th
Seattle SX: 14th
Minneapolis SX: 11th
Foxborough SX: 14th
Salt Lake City SX: 8th
Las Vegas SX: 6th
2018 Overall Standings: 15th O/A

Key Achievements:
2018: 450SX Rookie of the Year Award
2016: 9th at Monster Energy Cup
2015: Pro debut at Ironman National
2015: Open Pro Sport Amateur National Champ at 2015 Loretta’s
2015: 3rd overall in 450 A at Loretta’s
2014: 2nd place overall in 450 B Limited at Loretta’s
2014: 3rd place overall Amateur All-Stars Monster Energy Cup

2018 Outdoor MX Race Results:
Hangtown MX: 7th O/A (10-5)
Glen Helen MX: 11th O/A (22-6)
Thunder Valley MX: 5th O/A (6-5)
High Point MX: 8th O/A (6-8)
Muddy Creek MX: 9th O/A (9-8)
Southwick MX: 6th O/A (6-6)
RedBud MX: 11th O/A (3-23)
Spring Creek MX: 10th O/A (11-8)
Washougal MX: 7th O/A (7-10)
Unadilla MX: 6th O/A (4-10)
Budds Creek MX: 8th O/A (9-8)
Ironman MX: 11 O/A (11-11)
2018 Outdoor Championship Standings: 7th O/A