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Junior Olympics Championships

We're proud to have been able to host the Region XI Junior Olympics Boxing Tournament at the 51FIFTY Fitness Center this past weekend with the Carlos Vieira Foundation. A huge congratulations to all the boxers who have made it to the next round # 51FIFTY # LiveTheMadness # Boxing

Win Big With 51FIFTY Winners

Congratulations to Michael Fusting and Tanner Pierce on WINNING BIG with @ 51fiftyenergy !! Michael is the winner of the Trip to Costa Rica and Tanner is our Grand Prize winner of the #4 Blake Baggett 2019 KTM 450 SX-F Replica Bike!! # 51FIFTY # LiveTheMaddness # TeamRMATVMC  

Costa Rica Trip!

Mood because it's almost summer and we're sending you and a guest to COSTA RICA! Enter at http:// 51fiftyltm.com/sx # SupercrossLIVE # 51FIFTY # LiveTheMadness : @ fracemusic  

All Leading Up To A Moment

 Everything in life always leads up to a moment @ LukeDolinFMX # 51FIFTY # LiveTheMadness # FMX

Carlos Vieira Foundation Autism Day Livingston

We're happy to have been able to sponsor another free Autism Day BBQ with the Carlos Vieira Foundation. A huge thanks to everyone who made the event a success and to the families that attended! # Autism # RaceForAutism # 51FIFTY # LiveTheMadness  

Had a Blast with Univison!

 We had a blast at @ UnivisionFresno 's # CincoDeMayo celebration! # 51FIFTY # LiveTheMadness

51FIFTY Energy Drink Now Available at Food Maxx

# 51FIFTY Energy Drink is now available at ALL @ FoodMaxx locations! Stop on by your local Food Maxx and pick up a can! # LiveTheMadness # EnergyDrinks # Deals  

Major Throwback with Matty Jesse

 Major # throwbackthursday with Matty Jessee! He's been killin' it. # LiveTheMadness # 51FIFTY

Thrive In Everything You Do

Keep a mindset that helps you thrive in everything you do! # 51FIFTY # LiveTheMadness # Motivation  

Take Steps Towards Your Ultimate Goal

Any step towards your ultimate goal, no matter how big or small, is something worth celebrating # 51FIFTY # LiveTheMadness # Goals # PushYourLimits  

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from # 51FIFTY ! Stay energized throughout your Easter celebrations with a Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava energy drink! # LiveTheMadness # Easter # EasterSunday  

Live Through The Madness

 Although sometimes life can be tough, you always gotta live through the madness! # 51FIFTY # LiveTheMadness # HumpDay

David Haagsma

 A little action shot of @ Haagsma422 this past weekend in Las Vegas # 51FIFTY # LiveTheMadness

First Heat Race Win

Justin earned his first heat race win of the season and a well-deserved 4th place this past Saturday! Let's get that podium in New Jersey! # LiveTheMadness # TeamRMATVMC  

San Joaquin Valley Portuguese Festival

 We're happy to be part of the Carlos Vieira Foundation Portuguese Festival! All for a great cause—the Race for Autism campaign! # 51FIFTY # LiveTheMadness # CVF # RaceForAutism

Catch Us With The Moonshine Bandits

 Catch us with the @ MoonshineBandit tomorrow in Fresno at Strummers and Saturday at the Asparagus Festival to hang out with the 51FIFTY Girls! # 51FIFTY # LiveTheMadness



Second Place!

Shoutout to @ TeamRmatvmc and @ blakebaggett4 for all the hard work and dedication. Second place last night! Congratulations again, Blake! # LiveTheMadness

Strong Weekend for Team RMATVMC

Both @ TeamRMATVMC riders @ BlakeBaggett4 and @ JustinBogle19 had a strong day today at # Supercross Nashville! Blake took 2nd in the 450SX Main Event and Justin came in with a 3rd place finish in the 450SX Heat 1 race # 51FIFTY # LiveTheMadness  

Central California Association Junior Olympics Championship!

 Future boxing champions are competing today at the 51FIFTY Fitness Center for the Central California Association Junior Olympics Championship! Stop by tomorrow for another day of boxing if you've missed out today! Doors open at 12:00 PM and the show starts at 1:00 PM. # 51FIFTY