51FIFTY & The Moonshine Bandits - Live The Madness

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51FIFTY & The Moonshine Bandits - Live The Madness

In late 2020 the 51FIFTY team and the Moonshine Bandits teamed up to put into motion one of the best music videos we have ever done. Since the release of their new song "Live The Madness" the Moonshine Bandits have been tearing up the charts, and continuing their rise to deserved stardom. So....we decided to take the next step and make this even bigger. 

This video show exactly what it's title states, Living The Madness! Featuring legendary performer Corey Taylor and the Cherry Bombs! This video is fire!

Beginning on March 1, 2021, the Live The Madness music video will be featured on one of the biggest rock platforms, Loudwire! This will be the jumping off point for what we believe will be an amazing adventure. 

Our hope is to grow the listerner-ship of MSB and the following of the 51FIFTY Lifestyle Brand with an amazing tribute to what our slogan Live The Madness means.

Stay tuned for more!